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iPlanner™ 2.5

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Download the iPlanner™ Demo (Requires Intel Mac running OS 10.5)

Bridging the Gap

iPlanner™ is a powerful utility to bridge the gap between Apple's iCal software and popular paper based planning systems, like Franklin/Covey, Day-Timer, and Day Runner.

By formatting the data stored in iCal and printing it onto paper planner pages, you'll get the best of both worlds: the powerful time management capabilities of iCal and the tactile friendliness and portability of a paper planner.

iPlanner™ is NOT a scheduling software or task manager. iCal does that just fine. What iPlanner™ does is take the data from iCal and format it to print onto a paper based day planner page.

iPlanner™ supports printing onto blank paper page sizes to fit Franklin/Covey, Day-Timer, and DayRunner binders. It has 1 page per day, 2 page per day, weekly, and monthly formats.


Review from a user (as seen on MacUpdate):

I have used this product for several years and it has evolved into a very useful tool. I use this to print my daily pages on blank paper instead of buying expensive daily sheets every year from Franklin Covey. It gives me professional looking printed tasks and events and allows me to use ICal to manage my tasks and events (free) instead of the anemic and expensive planner software from Franklin Covey which would require me to run it under Windows since they do not support the Mac platform at all. I have created templates for entering and printing out my indexes and monthly tasks as well in Filemaker, buy this could also be done in a word processor or spreadsheet. I highly recommend this product for all Mac users who use paper planners along with their electronic versions and to those who feel abandoned by Franklin Covey.

The only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is that I would like to be able to fill in indexes and monthly tasks within the product instead of having to design my own templates.