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LutherSoft is pleased to announce the release of iPlanner™ 2.5. This update includes some exciting new features:

Purchase iPlanner™ 2.5 for $25.00 (Requires Intel Mac running OS 10.5)

Bridging the Gap

iPlanner™ is a powerful utility to bridge the gap between Apple's iCal software and popular paper based planning systems, like Franklin/Covey and Day-Timer.

By formatting the data stored in iCal and printing it onto paper planner pages, you'll get the best of both worlds: the powerful time management capabilities of iCal and the tactile friendliness and portability of a paper planner.

iPlanner™ is NOT a scheduling software or task manager. iCal does that just fine. What iPlanner™ does is take the data from iCal and format it to print onto a paper based day planner page.

iPlanner™ supports printing onto pre-printed pages from Franklin/Covey, Day-Timer, and DayRunner. You may also use blank paper. It supports many styles of 1 page per day, 2 page per day, weekly, and monthly formats.